The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy’s Nuclear Fuels Storage and Transportation Planning Project (NFST) recently completed a two-year Section 180(c) Proposed Policy Implementation Exercise (the Exercise) with volunteers from eight states and one Native American Tribe. Under Section 180(c) of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, as amended (NWPA), DOE is responsible for providing technical and financial assistance to states and Tribes for training of local public safety officials through whose jurisdictions the Secretary of Energy plans to transport spent nuclear fuel (SNF) or high-level radioactive waste to a NWPA-authorized facility. In the 2000s, DOE staff worked closely with state and tribal representatives to develop a revised proposed policy to implement Section 180(c), including grants for assessment and planning activities, as well as grants for training public safety officials. This revised proposed policy was published in a Federal Register Notice in 2008 (2008 FRN) (73 Federal Register 64933, Oct. 31, 2008). The purpose of the Exercise was to evaluate the efficacy of DOE’s 2008 revised proposed policy for implementing Section 180(c), and identify outstanding issues to be resolved. This report contains the lessons learned from conducting the Exercise, including input from state and tribal participants in the Exercise, and how the Exercise may inform and improve future consultations between DOE and state, tribal, and local public safety officials.

Elizabeth Helvey
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February, 2017
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