This report fulfills the M2 milestone M2SF-17PN020302031, “Revised Shutdown Sites Evaluation.” Changes from Revision 4 (September 2016) of the report include incorporating revised spent nuclear fuel data and discharge estimates from the GC-859 database; updating of Google Earth imagery; incorporating revisions to transportation certificates of compliance; and adding information obtained from the site visit to Fort Calhoun.
Shutdown sites are defined as those commercial nuclear power reactor sites where the nuclear power reactors have been shut down and the site has been decommissioned or is undergoing decommissioning. In this report, a preliminary evaluation of removing used nuclear fuel1 from 14 shutdown sites was conducted. The shutdown sites evaluated were Maine Yankee, Yankee Rowe, Connecticut Yankee, Humboldt Bay, Big Rock Point, Rancho Seco, Trojan, La Crosse, Zion, Crystal River, Kewaunee, San Onofre, Vermont Yankee, and Fort Calhoun.2 These sites have no operating nuclear power reactors at their sites and have also notified the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that their reactors have permanently ceased power operations and that nuclear fuel has been permanently removed from their reactor vessels. Shutdown reactors at sites also having operating reactors are not included in this evaluation.

Steven J. Maheras
Ralph E. Best
Steven B. Ross
Kenneth A. Buxton
Jeffery L. England
Paul E. McConnell
Lawrence M. Massaro
Philip J. Jensen
Publication Date: 
September, 2017
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